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Massage Technician - 600 Clock Hours

The program provides students with extensive training in a broad spectrum of massage skills and advance knowledge needed to practice massage in most jurisdictions, such as the state of California, that require a minimum of 500 hours of training for licensure as a massage therapist. Upon completion of the program, students will also meet the requirements for taking the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork administered by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Program Objectives
In this program, In this program, the student will build professional skills in Swedish Massage, Body Awareness, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Stretching skills, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Trigger Points massage, Rotator Cuff solutions, Chair Massage, Reflexology, Lymph Drainage therapy and Oriental massage techniques.  At the completion of the courses, the student should be able to:
  1. Know Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology.
  2. Know benefits of massage, and general massage indications and contraindications.
  3. Know body awareness and demonstrate basic skills in a massage practicum.
  4. Explain and use skills in basic Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lymph drainage therapy and a full 60-minute body massage and advanced Swedish massage.
  5. Demonstrate application of aromatherapy
  6. Demonstrate skills of chair massage
  7. Know myofascial trigger points
  8. Know palpitation series
  9. Know rotator cuff solutions
  10. Demonstrate therapeutic stretching skills
  11. Know basic business skills and management and professional ethics and standards.
  12. Use verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  13. Know basic hygiene and nutrition
  14. Demonstrate CPR and First Aid skill
The study scheme of the 600-hour training program is outlined below:
Course No. Course Title Contact Clock Hour
MT1000 Introduction to Massage Therapy 30
MT1300 Massage Profession and Ethics 20
MT2000 Human Body System, Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology 125
MT2010 Pathology 40
MT2020 Assessment for Bodywork 20
MT2110 Swedish Massage 70
MT2120 Chair Massage 20
MT2130 Sports Massage 60
MT2140 Reflexology 20
MT2150 Deep Tissue Massage and Applications 70
MT2160 Lymph Drainage 40
MT2180 Aromatherapy and Application 15
MT2200 Acupuncture Meridian Theories and Points 20
MT2500 Massage Practicum 50
  TOTAL 600
* To be taken at Red Cross or an institution approved by Kingston University

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